Loving oneself


9 ways to love oneself: Louis Hay

  1. Stop self critic
  2. Stop scaring yourself
  3. Never scold yourself: be soft and loving to yourself
  4. Take care of your body: good hygiene, exercise, good food, good sleep
  5. Be good with your mind: read, learn, have positive thoughts
  6. Laugh at yourself: use a healthy distance with the events occuring
  7. Love yourself right away: don t wait to get the academic degree, the new clothing, the new car, the new job, add or lose weight: be happy now!
  8. Look at yourself in the mirror and say your name and “I love you, your are wonderful”
  9. Forgiveness: it’s important to view “What people have done to you” as an opportunity to push your own limits and learn more about your strengths. Remember everything that does not kill you makes you stronger. Always keep in mind Mandela’s example: ” Forgiveness is a very powerful weapon”

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